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North Harbour Project


What are the benefits to the community?
More moorage space for residents:
When the North Harbour marina was con-structed in 1977 it was designed to harbour 400 boats with an average length of 21 feet. In 2000 the harbour accommodated 290 boats with an average length of 27 feet. There has been an increasing demand for larger berths and there is now a large waiting list of boat owners wishing to moor at the North Harbour, the majority of them larger than 28 feet. Currently, the North Harbour can hold 278 boats, 100 boats that are 24 feet or under and 178 boats that are 25 feet and over. Under the new reconfiguration the harbour would be able to hold 315 boats, (98 boats that are 24 feet and under and 217 boats that are 25 feet and over). The new configuration of the North Harbour will address the growing demand for larger berths, with a maximum of 9,500 feet of moorage space available. The harbour currently has 7,943 feet of chargeable moorage space and inspected with Government of Canada requirements. This will be an increase of 19% in available moorage space.

Critical structural repairsand upgrades:
In 1998, Westmar Consultants Inc. were hired by the City to assess the expected life span of the existing harbour infrastructure. These were their findings:

  • Decking: 2 – 5 years left;
  • Floatation: 10 years left;
  • Mooring piles: 8 – 10 years left.
  • During the winters of 2002/2003 and 2006/2007 large storm events damaged several floats and a number of piles failed. These events verified that the expected life spans predicted by Westmar were accurate.

The planned structural work will include:

  • Installation of new, owner-supplied marina float infrastructure, including steel pile moorings.
Better safety and sanitation, including new potable and firefighting water infrastructure, sanitary pump out, hydro and security services.
  • Structural improvement and repair through realignment and armouring of the east harbour perimeter, including placement of armour along the existing sheet pile wall, as well as minor repairs to the existing breakwater.

Economic benefits:
Increasing moorage will promote spin-offs in the form of marine services, food services, and recreational marine supplies. Public seating and landscaping will make the whole harbour area more attractive for residents and tourists alike.