Wharf at Westview

Wharf at Westview Project

What are the benefits to the community?
The Westview Waterfront is the heart of the City of Powell River, the convergence point for ferries from Comox/Courtenay and from
Texada Island. It is a crucial link to the outside world and it is also
where many tourists arriving from Vancouver Island get their first
glimpse of Powell River. This glimpse may be what convinces them
to stay for a while—or to move on. Therefore, upgrades to the
Waterfront will be the most visually dramatic on the Wharf at Westview.

Development at the wharf will include boardwalks, lighting, paving,
building foundation for wharfinger, landscaping, seating areas, a
fishing pier and underground servicing (water, sanitary and storm
drains). Most importantly for residents and tourists alike, the proj-
ect will also create a new physical focal point to the area, bringing
a renewed sense of community to what is now primarily a utilitarian space. This focal point will be called Spirit Square, and it is expected to become a vibrant gathering place and venue for exhibitions and outdoor entertainment. It will consist of bench seating, a portable stage, portable barbecue, propane heaters, artisan kiosks and decorative lighting (see Concept Drawing, below). Sliammon First Nation will be providing a cultural component for the project. This is currently under development.


How much will the project cost and
how is it being funded?

The total cost is budgeted at $3,271,000.
Funding will come from:

Island Coastal Economic Trust $1,481,342
BC Spirit Squares $300,000
Reserves $200,000
Tourism Grant $47,000
BC Ferries Contribution $400,000
Western Diversification
(Applied for, not yet awarded)
Short Term borrowing
(annual cost approx. $126,000)

Buildings will not be constructed until tenants are secured.