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Protecting Yourself from Waterfront Pests

One of the only downsides of the summer season is insects and other pests. It’s a reasonable trade-off for the beautiful warm weather, but it can still be quite the annoyance. I recently had to contact my friend, who is a Markham exterminator, to take care of a wasp problem, and I’ve had to deal […]

The Case for Waterproof Phone Cases

Traditional phone cases are great for protecting most phones in most situations, whether it be simple drops or key scratches. And even if you do damage your phone in one of these ways, it’s usually simple and cheap to fix at a place like cell phone repair hamilton ontario. However, water damage is a very […]

How to clean the house in a matter of minutes

When it comes to cleaning, speed is definitely important. It kind of makes sense when you think about it: the quicker you move, the quicker you’ll be done. This means that you’ll have plenty of time to do other things, because we all know that cleaning the house is not a top priority. However, it’s […]

Having my Car and House Windows tinted!

OK, I know customizing cars is a guy thing but I think I’m turning into a gear head. Both Auto and home window tinting shields from overheating. Apart from making your vehicle look even more hip, colored home windows likewise offer you much more personal privacy. Check out this company that does car tints in […]

Organizing My Party Bus Limousine Service For My Ottawa Wedding

I’m so excited for my Wedding coming up in Ottawa next June. I recently visited Ottawa and tried out a local company for a pre-wedding limousine ride to see if I like their service. My bachelorette party insisted I reserve my Ottawa wedding limousine ahead of time. Planning my wedding has turned out to be a […]

I’m now on Twitter

Hey all, just a quick update! I’m Now on twitter! Powell River: city on the northern Sunshine Coast of southwestern British Columbia, Canada. See what we're up to at — Laura Campbell (@PowellRiverLaur) October 29, 2015

South Harbour

South Harbour Project What are the benefits to the community? The South Harbour is a working harbour owned by Small Craft Harbours and operated by the City of Powell River, primarily to provide moorage and shelter for commercial fishing vessels and transient recreational boaters. A report by the Powell River Regional Economic Development Society (PRREDS) […]

North Harbour Info

North Harbour Project What are the benefits to the community? More moorage space for residents: When the North Harbour marina was con-structed in 1977 it was designed to harbour 400 boats with an average length of 21 feet. In 2000 the harbour accommodated 290 boats with an average length of 27 feet. There has been […]

Seawalk Project

Seawalk Project What are the benefits to the community? A Seawalk of 1.3 km was constructed to stabilize the bank along Highway 101 and create a pedestrian corridor along the waterfront, beginning at the barge terminal and running south to the bottom of Oliver Street. With the expansion of the South Harbour, the intention is […]

Wharf at Westview

Wharf at Westview Project What are the benefits to the community? The Westview Waterfront is the heart of the City of Powell River, the convergence point for ferries from Comox/Courtenay and from Texada Island. It is a crucial link to the outside world and it is also where many tourists arriving from Vancouver Island get […]