About Me:

I am a photographer residing at Powell River Water front. OI think it’s important to keep an eye on where our city and national tax dollars are being spent. Here I will explore our current waterfront project and any other projects that are using tax dollars that effect me and our our community. Sometime life can get so busy we don’t pay attention to these things. As citizens of Canada it is important we don’t rely on our Government to make the right choice 100% of the time as every one is human. It’s important we are there to check for errors in judgement and make sure sure tax dollars are being spent appropriately.

Personally, I love to travel across Canada and will also be sharing some of the great places I stop at and all the people I meet along the way. You must contact me here. if you you wish to have me visit and or do photography work for you. ~Laura

About The Water Front:

Westview Waterfront development projects are focussed on four main areas or projects:
North Harbour
Home to hundreds of local boats and widely used for launching, the North Harbour was last reconfigured
in 1977. Those facilities will be completely rebuilt to suit the current, and future, needs of Powell River boaters. Work will commence in Fall 2010.

Wharf at Westview At the center of the Westview waterfront, the wharf area is often the first thing people see as they arrive in Powell River. Upgrades to this area will be the most visually dramatic of all the waterfront developments and include boardwalks, new lighting, seating areas and, yes, a fishing pier.

South Harbour
This is a working harbour, home to commercial fishing vessels and transient recreational boaters. We know that many boaters bypass Westview because of inadequate or undersized mooring in this harbour. Larger and better moorage, easier water access and improvements to facilities will all combine to make the South Harbour more functional and welcoming.

With most of the seawalk complete to the south, the main task for the moment is to extend the walk to the new Wharf area. This is the next stage for the seawalk, but not the final one as efforts continue to extend to the north.