Protecting Yourself from Waterfront Pests

water wasp

One of the only downsides of the summer season is insects and other pests. It’s a reasonable trade-off for the beautiful warm weather, but it can still be quite the annoyance. I recently had to contact my friend, who is a Markham exterminator, to take care of a wasp problem, and I’ve had to deal with various other pests over the years at my waterfront property.

According to, the top five pests for cottages are WASPS, hornets, ants, spiders, bats, and rodents. My home isn’t a cottage per se, but most cottages are the waterfront, so it’s fair to assume I have a similar pest problem to many cottage owners. Indeed, I have encountered all the pests mentioned in the article.

Unfortunately, some pests are just going to come with the territory of living somewhere nice. If you don’t want insects bugging you, move to Alaska! The best we can do is attempt to limit pests by using preventative measures.

Most of the time when a pest enters your territory, it’s because they are looking for food. Some of the simplest things you can do to prevent this are just to practice neat and tidy behaviour, which is good for your mind and well-being anyway!

This includes:

  • Always cleaning your dishes right after a meal rather than leaving them out with food scraps to take care of later
  • Properly securing and stashing away all garbage – this goes beyond putting it in a garbage bag, you also should make sure that the container you put your bag in is completely sealed

You should also make sure all windows, doors, and other potential critter entrances are sealed. Plainly put, pests are not going to get in if they don’t have a way in!

No matter what preventative measures you take, you are still going to encounter some pests that you will have to deal with. So, stock up with bug sprays, mouse traps, and other fixes, especially if you are staying at a cottage that doesn’t have quick access to a store that sells these items.

Sometimes, the pest problem can get so out of hand that you need to call a professional. If you are within 2 hours of Markham, then I recommend my pest control friend. If you’re not, don’t worry, pest control services are everywhere because pests are everywhere!

The pros of living or staying at the waterfront greatly outweigh any negatives, so don’t waste your time complaining about pests. Keep calm and pest control on :).

The Case for Waterproof Phone Cases

Traditional phone cases are great for protecting most phones in most situations, whether it be simple drops or key scratches. And even if you do damage your phone in one of these ways, it’s usually simple and cheap to fix at a place like cell phone repair hamilton ontario.

However, water damage is a very common problem for cell phone owners that’s not easily protected against or cheaply fixed. Thousands of people have ruined their phone from simple rain damage, dropping it in the toilet, or forgetting to take it out of their pocket when jumping in a pool.

Now, thanks to water-proof cases as well as dry bags, you can take your valuables with you in the water and also loosen up. Water-proof cases allow you to get more out of your electronic devices, as well as you can even capture great undersea photos from your regular phone or cam.

Versatile phone cases likewise have actually the included benefit of getting rid of wind noise from telephone call as well, as this is a very useful feature for skiers, cyclists, jet skiers, fisherman, sailors, kayakers or any type of outdoor fanatic. Water resistant cases offer the supreme defense and can conserve your life in an emergency circumstance.

Waterproof cases as well as dry bags are rapidly coming to be vital for phone owners. Commonly Water resistant cases were produced from injection molded “plastic” and also largely made for specific tools. Nonetheless the most recent flexible “soft” cases are created for smaller sized portable electronic devices and just like hard cases, can be easily carried in your pocket. Versatile cases have the advantage of permitting electronic devices to be completely functional as well as still offer complete protection from the elements.

Flexible water-proof cases have opened up the ability to possess most hand-held devices above and below the water to midsts of 19ft. Waterproof technology cases supply a high degree of waterproof defense, plus deal electronics defense from dirt, dust, salt, sweat and also sand, making them the excellent accessory for the coastline.

The waterproof case market was once very limited, but now there are literally hundreds of options to choose from. Here are 10 of the best.

When you live on the river front, waterproof cases are nearly a must!
iphone case

How to clean the house in a matter of minutes


When it comes to cleaning, speed is definitely important. It kind of makes sense when you think about it: the quicker you move, the quicker you’ll be done. This means that you’ll have plenty of time to do other things, because we all know that cleaning the house is not a top priority. However, it’s something all of us need to do. So here are some tips that will help you be done with cleaning a lot faster.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that a less cluttered house seems to be cleaner than a cluttered and clean house. Mess is often overlooked when you have to deal with wide spaces and with rooms that are not 100% filled with furniture or that have each cupboard full. So in order to get rid of all that clutter, you can go around a room with a laundry basket and simply put everything that does not belong there in it. Ten you only need to go around the room again and put everything in its place. This will actually save you a lot of time, because you won’t have to run around the room for each individual item. This actually works great for people with kids, because they always have different toys just laying around on the floor. This would also be incredibly effective in the kitchen. There might be cases when a kitchen could get an instant makeover just by having its countertops de – cluttered. You don’t even have to do any actual cleaning. Just take the unnecessary things from your countertop and the whole kitchen will look so much better. This advice was recommended by a top professional company in Toronto when I was visiting a friends house. They had just finished cleaning and showed me the most efficient method to follow that has gained success for them .

Now, if you are on the run, but really need to clean the house, you should know that there are some chores you might be able to skip. Just remember not to always skip them, but just this once, because otherwise there will be too much dirt building up, and when you will finally decide to clean those places up, you will definitely have a hard time. The chores you can skip for now are: cleaning the top of the fridge (or the top of the kitchen cupboards), vacuuming behind furniture or under the bed. It won’t be such a big deal if you skip doing these things when you are in a hurry, because nobody will be looking there (unless you have a really nosy mother in law that loves to check up on you).

These are just a few of the tips we can give you in order to make the cleaning process a lot faster. Make sure to use them and to enjoy whatever free time they have helped you gain. You certainly deserve it!

Having my Car and House Windows tinted!

OK, I know customizing cars is a guy thing but I think I’m turning into a gear head. Both Auto and home window tinting shields from overheating. Apart from making your vehicle look even more hip, colored home windows likewise offer you much more personal privacy. Check out this company that does car tints in hamilton i’m probable going to use on my Honda Civic windshield.

Colored auto home windows profit motorists as well as vehicle drivers in numerous methods. Vehicle home window colors are developed to disperse the sunshine, hence, shielding the eyes of the motorist from the glow. Colored auto home windows will certainly additionally come in helpful in the occasion of a mishap.

Apart from safeguarding the owners from direct exposure to the sunlight’s UV rays, residence window tinting shields your home. Pricey individual tools are concealed from public sight if residence windows are tinted.

Advanced items for tinting home windows at the house, in the automobile, and also-also in the work environment are continuously arising to much better offer consumers. If you do not have the time or the self-confidence to use home window pigmentations by on your own, expert solutions for auto tinting as well as house tinting is a sensible selection.

Residence home window tinting is likewise a gradually expanding fad. Households, no concern what dimension, are picking to have their home windows tinted for rather a lot the exact same factor why motorists tint their vehicle home windows. Residence home window tinting maintains the residence shielded, many thanks to the reflective as well as heat-absorbent features of home window colors.

Family members, no issue what dimension, are picking to have their home windows tinted for very a lot the very same factor why vehicle drivers tint their automobile home windows. Residence home window tinting maintains the residence protected, many thanks to the deflective as well as heat-absorbent qualities of home window colors. Of course the most detailed info you’ll get about how this works, i’m no scientist, can be found here

Advanced items for tinting home windows at the house, in the vehicle, as well as also in the office are progressively arising to much better offer consumers. If you do not have the time or the self-confidence to use home window colors by on your own, specialist solutions for automobile tinting and also residence tinting is a smart option.

Organizing My Party Bus Limousine Service For My Ottawa Wedding

I’m so excited for my Wedding coming up in Ottawa next June. I recently visited Ottawa and tried out a local company for a pre-wedding limousine ride to see if I like their service. My bachelorette party insisted I reserve my Ottawa wedding limousine ahead of time. Planning my wedding has turned out to be a bit complicated so the more I can get out of the way the better. Figuring out wedding day packages and deciding on a party bus or regular town car limousine is not something I want to deal with close to the day of. MY friends all tell me they’ve got it covered, they’ll handle the planning, but I really just want to have the peace of mind knowing that I got the right company for this. Next will be the cake!

Party Bus Or Limousine For My Wedding?

Ok, let’s take a poll: Comment 1 for Party bus or Comment 2 for Limousine. I love the classic luxury feel to an old school stretch but the party bus angle offers other benefits I might not find elsewhere. There’s something cool about having all that space and being able to stand up if I need to stretch my legs or adjust my dress. The one I’m wearing might be a little tricky trying to get in and out of a low vehicle. I’ve dreamt about my wedding for many years and I feel that the essence of the day is really captured in the fine details that make up the atmosphere of the whole thing.

Arranging The Wedding

So i’ve visited Ottawa and took some tour around to see the best venues. Most importantly I got my Official appointment for my Ottawa Wedding license. Which is pretty important lol. Not only did the girl at the counter recommend the same limo rental but also recommended an awesome band that played her friends wedding before. Talk about a win-win afternoon.

Planning Hotels For My Wedding Guests

Ottawa has some great hotels and I want it to be a very comfortable experience for all my guest. So I figured it would be best to provide all the accommodations on me! I know I know a lot of money but I did pretty good let year and I think asking everyone to travel this far is enough but my future husband wouldn’t have it any other way. We went with the Lord Elgin Hotel  in town at 100 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON K1P 5K8, Canada. There’s some good shots of the building architecture in this video

SO I guess all I need now is to figure out how I can get Trudeau to show up to my wedding haha. Thanks for reading and I’ll keep you guys posted on how the rest of my wedding organization plans come together rover the next few months.

My Ottawa  Wedding is almost here time to start planning

I’m now on Twitter

Hey all, just a quick update! I’m Now on twitter!

South Harbour

South Harbour

South Harbour Project

What are the benefits to the community?
The South Harbour is a working harbour owned by Small Craft Harbours and operated by the City of Powell River, primarily to provide moorage and shelter for commercial fishing vessels and transient recreational boaters.

A report by the Powell River Regional Economic Development Society (PRREDS) found that many boats bypass Powell River because the aging structures are too small and narrow to accommodate them. The City of Powell River, PRREDS and Community Futures Powell River propose to increase moorage space from approximately 800 meters (2625 feet) to approximately 1270 meters (4155 feet) enabling the South Harbour to accommodate and attract the growing market need for the wider range of boat size.
It is important to note that the South Harbour expansion is intrinsically linked to the revitalization of the Wharf at Westview since the harbour is accessed via gangway from the wharf.
The South Harbour expansion portion of thewaterfront development project will attract sig-nificantly greater numbers of commercial and transient recreational vessels to the area by:

  • Doubling the current wharf space and increasing float sizes to accommodate larger vessels
  • Realigning the breakwater to improve access to the harbour
  • Removing the industrial operations currently on the foreshore
  • Rebuilding the service industry required to support increased visitors to an active waterfront community
  • Developing the framework for commercial marine services along the waterfront
How much will the project cost and how is it being funded?
The total cost is budgeted at $6.04 million

  • $2 million from the Community Adjustment Fund as announced on Nov. 7, 2009. This is a federal government program administered by Western Economic Diversification Canada as part of the government’s stimulus plan to mitigate the impactsof the economic downturn.
  • $2.3 million grant from the Island Coastal Economic Trust (ICET).
  • $1.9 borrowing

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North Harbour Info

North Harbour Project


What are the benefits to the community?
More moorage space for residents:
When the North Harbour marina was con-structed in 1977 it was designed to harbour 400 boats with an average length of 21 feet. In 2000 the harbour accommodated 290 boats with an average length of 27 feet. There has been an increasing demand for larger berths and there is now a large waiting list of boat owners wishing to moor at the North Harbour, the majority of them larger than 28 feet. Currently, the North Harbour can hold 278 boats, 100 boats that are 24 feet or under and 178 boats that are 25 feet and over. Under the new reconfiguration the harbour would be able to hold 315 boats, (98 boats that are 24 feet and under and 217 boats that are 25 feet and over). The new configuration of the North Harbour will address the growing demand for larger berths, with a maximum of 9,500 feet of moorage space available. The harbour currently has 7,943 feet of chargeable moorage space and inspected with Government of Canada requirements. This will be an increase of 19% in available moorage space.

Critical structural repairsand upgrades:
In 1998, Westmar Consultants Inc. were hired by the City to assess the expected life span of the existing harbour infrastructure. These were their findings:

  • Decking: 2 – 5 years left;
  • Floatation: 10 years left;
  • Mooring piles: 8 – 10 years left.
  • During the winters of 2002/2003 and 2006/2007 large storm events damaged several floats and a number of piles failed. These events verified that the expected life spans predicted by Westmar were accurate.

The planned structural work will include:

  • Installation of new, owner-supplied marina float infrastructure, including steel pile moorings.
Better safety and sanitation, including new potable and firefighting water infrastructure, sanitary pump out, hydro and security services.
  • Structural improvement and repair through realignment and armouring of the east harbour perimeter, including placement of armour along the existing sheet pile wall, as well as minor repairs to the existing breakwater.

Economic benefits:
Increasing moorage will promote spin-offs in the form of marine services, food services, and recreational marine supplies. Public seating and landscaping will make the whole harbour area more attractive for residents and tourists alike.

Seawalk Project

Seawalk Project

What are the benefits to the community?
A Seawalk of 1.3 km was constructed to stabilize the bank along Highway 101 and create a pedestrian corridor along the waterfront, beginning at the barge terminal and running south to the bottom of Oliver Street. With the expansion of the South Harbour, the intention is to extend the Seawalk from the former barge terminal to the Wharf at Westview to create a continuous, accessible waterfront walkway.

How much will the project cost and how is it being funded?
The initial Seawalk construction project along Highway 101 was a partnership between Ministry of Transportation, the City of Powell River and Sliammon First Nation. Funding for the completed north entrance realignment came from Towns for Tomorrow.

Wharf at Westview

Wharf at Westview Project

What are the benefits to the community?
The Westview Waterfront is the heart of the City of Powell River, the convergence point for ferries from Comox/Courtenay and from
Texada Island. It is a crucial link to the outside world and it is also
where many tourists arriving from Vancouver Island get their first
glimpse of Powell River. This glimpse may be what convinces them
to stay for a while—or to move on. Therefore, upgrades to the
Waterfront will be the most visually dramatic on the Wharf at Westview.

Development at the wharf will include boardwalks, lighting, paving,
building foundation for wharfinger, landscaping, seating areas, a
fishing pier and underground servicing (water, sanitary and storm
drains). Most importantly for residents and tourists alike, the proj-
ect will also create a new physical focal point to the area, bringing
a renewed sense of community to what is now primarily a utilitarian space. This focal point will be called Spirit Square, and it is expected to become a vibrant gathering place and venue for exhibitions and outdoor entertainment. It will consist of bench seating, a portable stage, portable barbecue, propane heaters, artisan kiosks and decorative lighting (see Concept Drawing, below). Sliammon First Nation will be providing a cultural component for the project. This is currently under development.


How much will the project cost and
how is it being funded?

The total cost is budgeted at $3,271,000.
Funding will come from:

Island Coastal Economic Trust $1,481,342
BC Spirit Squares $300,000
Reserves $200,000
Tourism Grant $47,000
BC Ferries Contribution $400,000
Western Diversification
(Applied for, not yet awarded)
Short Term borrowing
(annual cost approx. $126,000)

Buildings will not be constructed until tenants are secured.