Organizing My Party Bus Limousine Service For My Ottawa Wedding

I’m so excited for my Wedding coming up in Ottawa next June. I recently visited Ottawa and tried out a local company for a pre-wedding limousine ride to see if I like their service. My bachelorette party insisted I reserve my Ottawa wedding limousine ahead of time. Planning my wedding has turned out to be a bit complicated so the more I can get out of the way the better. Figuring out wedding day packages and deciding on a party bus or regular town car limousine is not something I want to deal with close to the day of. MY friends all tell me they’ve got it covered, they’ll handle the planning, but I really just want to have the peace of mind knowing that I got the right company for this. Next will be the cake!

Party Bus Or Limousine For My Wedding?

Ok, let’s take a poll: Comment 1 for Party bus or Comment 2 for Limousine. I love the classic luxury feel to an old school stretch but the party bus angle offers other benefits I might not find elsewhere. There’s something cool about having all that space and being able to stand up if I need to stretch my legs or adjust my dress. The one I’m wearing might be a little tricky trying to get in and out of a low vehicle. I’ve dreamt about my wedding for many years and I feel that the essence of the day is really captured in the fine details that make up the atmosphere of the whole thing.

Arranging The Wedding

So i’ve visited Ottawa and took some tour around to see the best venues. Most importantly I got my Official appointment for my Ottawa Wedding license. Which is pretty important lol. Not only did the girl at the counter recommend the same limo rental but also recommended an awesome band that played her friends wedding before. Talk about a win-win afternoon.

Planning Hotels For My Wedding Guests

Ottawa has some great hotels and I want it to be a very comfortable experience for all my guest. So I figured it would be best to provide all the accommodations on me! I know I know a lot of money but I did pretty good let year and I think asking everyone to travel this far is enough but my future husband wouldn’t have it any other way. We went with the Lord Elgin Hotel  in town at 100 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON K1P 5K8, Canada. There’s some good shots of the building architecture in this video

SO I guess all I need now is to figure out how I can get Trudeau to show up to my wedding haha. Thanks for reading and I’ll keep you guys posted on how the rest of my wedding organization plans come together rover the next few months.

My Ottawa  Wedding is almost here time to start planning